In November 2019, Showroom 22 embarked on recording a podcast series called Fashion In Focus. The project came about as a result of the 6-event speaker series held in March 2019 at the agency’s Auckland showroom base which was aimed at informing and entertaining the public, more so than media and influencers, about the New Zealand fashion & media landscape and the changes facing our global industries, as well as how we’re evolving as a community.

From the success of these talks it was apparent that there was a much more intense appetite in NZ from fashion fans for ‘insider knowledge’ than what we had assumed. The general consensus was that people were keen to hear more from those connected to us both in NZ and overseas, so the decision was made to package some concise conversations for everyone to hear. Since launching the podcast series in March 2020 it has gone on to amass thousands of downloads and has attracted influential industry names including InStyle USA’s Editor in Chief Laura Brown, The Business of Fashion’s Tim Blanks, and Loewe designer Greta Villiger.

The podcast is recorded in Auckland, New Zealand, and hosts leaders in fashion and media from our country and around the world.

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Listeners can find the podcast on SpotifyiTunes or Podbean.